Hello you wonderful woman,

I am finally figuring this website-design stuff out ☺️. I am dedicating this section recovery blog to you. From well before the very first kickball game, to watching me go flying, crashing and burning to the ground that Tuesday night, to the waking up every few hours I needed help getting out of and into bed at home, my nurse keeping me on track for medication and keeping me hydrated, driving me to and from appointments and locations, to slowing me down when I try to do too much with one leg and two crutches. To the amount of sh*t you had to put up with me on a normal basis only multiplied by my current condition, with no hesitation, you continue to care for and love me.  You are an amazing person. I am truly blessed and I thank God to have such a strong, beautiful and caring woman by my side. Lifting me up emotionally when I am down, and physically when I don’t have the strength.  Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me and the family.  I love you

#1 Kickball Cheerleader since day one.
Truly blessed. I love you.