The 1st 7 Weeks of Recovery

Decided to do this phase of the recovery blog through photos and video!

I’ve got quite a bit typed up for this time period but I believe the easiest and most entertaining way to blog the last several weeks is through photography and video. I put together a 4 minute video on YouTube of what my recovery has some what looked like over the last 7 weeks.  Thank you to everyone who continues to pour out the love and support to me and my family! Love y’all!

2nd Doctor’s Visit. Had to bring along Yoda’s patience and wisdom.


The last set of nurse-applied bandages come off of incisions…Excellent work doctor!


Knocking out Vitamin D and cardio @ same time..Yesss


If you don’t know about Sand-Dollars and Doves…You should.


Smile. Apollo loves you. 😊


First row session after breaking femur!


Cat Chronicles II: At last George (aka Killa G aka KG aka Kevin Garnett) is able to rest where he has been desperately trying to for the last few weeks…
KG and Mango capitalize on the cozy location while the bedroom was being reaaranged…


For real: Smile. Bub loves you. 😊
PT @ da Pool!
Apollo is not impressed…
STRETCH! Too tight.
Leg rotations in between laps.
So happy to be back in the sanctuary of Crossfit Charleston training!
I spy a doggy butt.
My wonderful lady snapping a selfie of the usual crew working our way downstairs for the morning..
Just hanging out waiting on me at the box!
Thank you so much to the Tulla’s for this wonderful addition to my aggressive sock addiction/collection. (1/3) T-Rex has been my favorite dinosaur since 4th grade.
Crossover symmetry + Physical Therapy session = Most mornings
Feels good to engage posterior chain with these pull downs!!
The most important part of healing: Having God’s and Jesus Christ’s love in your life. Being surrounding and supported by people who genuinely care and love you. So blessed to have been baptized by my best friend as a man to declare my belief in Jesus.

The New Normal

March 12th – March 17th 

It took about 3 days to get the natural flow of things going at home. The wonderful Rosiak family came by on Sunday evening to drop off a homemade meal and spend some time. My first Monday and week with Rodney (I think that’s what I’m naming the rod that now resides in my right femur). Tuesday was toughest day yet, however got certified for CPR/AED. The beginning of March Madness basketball with Doom. Also a little review of mt follow-up appointment that took place on Friday.

Lazy Days

The lack of rest from being in the hospital had definitely caught up to me by the end of Saturday night…my new hangout spot, the bed, was definitely a welcome site for my tired-crutch walking body. I hated spending so much time in my bed at first however I had to keep reminding myself that this is an opportunity to rest. So plenty of time spent there for the foreseeable future whether I enjoy it or not. At least I know Apollo is enjoying the new rest-to-work ratio.


The beginning of this week, my Crossfit Charleston family was out in full force supporting me. Kathryn Sykes, incredibly strong and awesome young woman who just joined the CC family a few months ago; decided to whip up and bring us over Spaghetti w/ protein noodles: Gains on gains! You’re already busy enough and you find the time to not only make the spaghetti but also drop it off? Unreal. Thank you so much Kathryn! I’m looking forward to getting back in there to see how much more you have improved!

The Rosiak’s

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.58.00 PM
Look at this beautiful family!

A few hours after that another Crossfit Charleston family, that took me under their wing from the beginning of my coaching, came over to visit. Scott & Debbie Rosiak along with their beautiful daughter’s Libby Scott and Langley brought us over a homemade Chicken Potpie dinner (The pie was phenomenal, and I ate it 4-5 different times in the week and surprisingly Scotty made the salad that was a HUGE hit…impressive bro!), accompanied by a bottle of wine, and chocolate cake 🙏🏼.  The new movie and edition of “Beauty and the Beast” recently came out in theaters. Libby Scott, so very sweet and thoughtful, presented a perfect rose to the “Beauty” of our castle, Mallory 😊. After that we spent some much-needed time hanging out and laughing. Again another couple that when I first started my career as coaching, really allowed me to flourish as a coach by accepting my coaching style and also asking me questions, giving me feedback on the coaching. The Rosiaks not only help develop me as a coach during class hours but also as a person, with our conversations before, during and after class about things that go beyond the box. I like to call it, “Life-living Advice”: Information that is obtained from day-to-day conversations, that helps one to improve his or her life by learning from other’s experiences as they share them. Not a message or a specific lesson that someone is trying to convey, but just something smart that comes up in a conversation. Something worth remembering and applying to your own life. Whether it be Debbie helping me out at the 8:30am morning class with ideas of how to be more efficient with scheduling and financing or Scotty coming in to the 4:30pm class helping me learn how to approach upcoming challenges by sharing some of his past experience’s that he’s had in his career. Not to specifically lecture or force learn something upon me, but just genuine words of life experience being shared and exchanged. Y’all may not remember the conversations but I do and they really have made and continue to make an impact on my life. Through the years we all have grown closer as a family. It is amazing to really take the time and think back on the first time you met someone or a family, to kind of audit everything that has changed since. One thing that has remained consistent through the years is the effort, support and love poured out by the Debbie and Scott. For all of those things I could never thank you both enough.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 11.21.54 AM
Debbie and Mrs. Brenda, stunning, as always.

And if that family hadn’t already done enough, Brenda, Debbie and Scott’s mom ended up, later on in the week, dropping us off a huge homemade shepherds pie! Brenda is one of my 8:30am warrior-goddesses. She shows up ready to work hard each morning and inspires me as she crushes the workouts, gets up with a smile and a high-five, just to head out and conquer the rest of the day. I am truly blessed to have y’all as part of my family. We love y’all so much and look forward to what the years have in store for us all!


The rest of the week was full of resting and hitting physical therapy as much as I could before getting too sore. Besides going out to lunch with Grandma Dawley, the parents and Mallory once there was nothing to fancy here besides staying consistent on the effort of physical therapy and doing the things necessary for other part’s of life to facilitate. Downloaded some software for surveying, going to start drawing pretty soon here. Also worked quite a bit on this recovery blog…A LOT more goes into a website than just typing and picking out some pictures. So tedious sometimes.

The Cat Chronicles 

His name is Mango, (ask Mallory about the name – his personality is more like Aslan). He is the inquisitive, scientist of the group. He loves to sing the song of his people in the early morning hours from 2:00 to 4:00am. Always watching, observing, recording data. The first feline to approach my new leg, at the best time of course: when I was sleep…by walking directly on it. Felt so good. After that I have slept with a huge pillow on top of leg guarding it. Nights after he has tried to lay on the lower part of my leg. Hypothesizing and then testing, night after night. Mallory is now armed with a spray-water bottle on the nightstand. It’s not over…

Mango is watching.
He is always…

Tiffany Peltier

Back to my Crossfit Charleston family being there for me in full force this week. Let me discuss Tiffany Peltier, aka Sweet T aka Coach Tiff! She took the time out of her busy schedule to give me a First-Aid/CPR/AED certification course on Tuesday the 14th that I had to obtain by Wednesday the 15th. This is just a small example of Tiffany’s kindness. Time and time again you are going out of your way to help someone else. You are one of the most driven and inspiring people who I have ever met. Your own story of going through recovery to becoming stronger and better than before is incredible enough but the size of your heart and your capacity to care is something I admire and strive to emulate one day. You’re an incredible athlete, coach, and person. Thank you for everything you have done to help me throughout my coaching career. I look up to you so much as an individual and leader. I must also congratulate on your recent retirement from 20+ years of serving in the Coast Guard! Thank you for your time and sacrifice all those years. Continue living the life you love with the passion you have and you will achieve anything you want. We all love you.


Crazy eyes because she be pulling metal out my thighs.

The Follow-Up 

Friday came rolling around! Very excited about the day. It was the first check point after being released from the hospital to see where I was going to be along in the healing process. I had my staples removed…WARNING if your don’t like gross things: scroll fast until you get to the pictures of x-ray’s with orange boxes! I broke down the follow-up appointment on my x-rays so it would be little easier to understand.

Took about 10 minutes for all the staples to be taken out.


The doctor said I needed to keep doing the same movements that I have been doing for the next three weeks in order to allow the screws to set. Last thing we want is anyone of those 3 screws backing out…can’t just secure them back down with my DeWalt 18v drill. After the 3 weeks when screws are set, that I could start doing more movements with my upper body, core, and back. Hopefully I will be able to go to one crutch before then. Three weeks after the screws set (6 weeks total) the bones will have hopefully completely healed. When that happens I will be able to start really working that leg and use “pain as a gauge” as the doctor put it, to do as much as I can while still listening to my body.

After the enlightening doctors visit we decided that we needed to go see the movie “Logan”…it was a great movie, probably the best of the X-men franchise. Even if you don’t know the whole story line it’s a strong enough movie to stand on its own. Felt real nice to be out doing some normal things. Perfect way to end the night and begin the weekend.

“By your own efforts waken yourself, watch yourself. And live joyfully. You are the master.” -Buddha